We are an investment enterprise committed to exceptional growth for investors. Driven by a specific and compelling investment strategy, we pursue active approach in managing a portfolio of blockchain based digital assets.

We exclusively focus on technologies that in the future will constitute the fundamental infrastructure of the global economy – decentralised web protocols, particularly those which utilize modern cryptographic methods to safeguard decentralisation, to the benefit and for the sustainable growth of the future web ecosystem.

Through our experience and full immersion into the industry, we have earned exceptional expertise in fundamentally understanding and recognising promising technologies and the latitude of their development cycle (what and when). With significant “skin in the game”, we now plan to offer the opportunity as we see it, to qualified investors, who are able to envision the reward and clearly understand the risks.

Our core team is experienced in traditional asset classes as well as in emergent blockchain technology. The founders have participated through the early history of the industry and have established strong relationships within its ecosystem.

We are confident in fulfilling our investment philosophy by building a diversified portfolio and utilizing industry-specific and proprietary value-add methodology and network resources.

We believe that a number of particular blockchain based technologies will soon become the most significant contributors to the future distributed web ecosystem. Our investment strategy is based on three pillars:

– Focus on fundamental technologies. We invest into digital assets comprising State layer of Web3 stack and selected infrastructural projects of higher layers.

– Diversified portfolio. We closely follow and evaluate technology, developers’ effort, enterprise interest and funding behind major blockchain projects to select a diverse array of digital assets with highest potential.

– Dynamic efficient management. Participate in validation of transactions on designated blockchains selected in portfolio to offset management costs. Rebalance positions, depending on market and technology trends.